6 Tips to Read More Books in 2018

1. Get a Library Card 

With FREE access to books and in plenty of formats, you're sure to find something you like! Plus, you can access digital content from your mobile device at anytime.

Alameda County Library Card


2. Find Your Best Time for Reading  

Is it morning, afternoon, or night? Do you commute by transit during those times? Take advantage of that time to read.     

Two people reading while riding public transit    


3. Read Books Before They're Movies

Many of us like to say that the book is better than the movie. You can decide by reading these books before they’re adapted into movies.

Film projector


4. Listen to Audiobooks  

Are you a commuter with a long drive? Ease the boredom of your commute by listening to audiobooks; your commute will fly by.

Book with headphones

5. Carry a Book Everywhere You Go 

Many of us read a mixture of physical and eBooks. Consider carrying different formats with you. You'll be surprised at how many small chunks of free time you'll find to read throughout the day.        

Bag with books and phone


6. Join a Book Club 

Expand your reading horizons and meet new people. AC Library has several book clubs that you can join. Check out our events calendar. 

Group of people holding books

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