Discover What Your Library Card Can Do

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Your library card provides you with so many fun and free membership benefits. Here’s just some of the perks that come with having a library card.

It’s Free

Get free access to over a million things. With items in more than 12 different languages and in plenty of formats, you’re sure to find something you like. Choose from books and DVDs to downloadable music and eBooks. Plus get free Wi-Fi and access to plenty of workspaces at any of our 10 branches.

It’s Convenient

With 10 branches and extensive mobile and outreach services spanning Alameda County; you can conveniently find us and enjoy our services.  

It’s Available Now

Access digital content anytime from your desktop computer or mobile device. Stream and download music, films, eBooks, eAudiobooks, graphic novels, and more.

It’s Powerful

A library card can transform your life by opening up opportunities for discovery, exploration, and growth. There’s something for everyone: from storytimes, homework help, job skills development, coding classes, and more. You can even earn a high school diploma from the Library.    

It’s Social

Meet new people and get to know your community through book clubs, classes, workshops, and events. 

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