You Spoke, We Listened.

Last year we administered a community survey to get a better understanding of how we can better serve you. Thanks to everyone who completed the survey! The information collected from the survey will help shape Alameda County Library’s strategic plan for future library services and space planning. Here’s a short summary of what we learned from you. 

Top 10 Recommendations for Future Library Services:

  1. Quiet reading, work, or study space
  2. Café
  3. More places to sit/variety of seating   
  4. Children’s Play and Learn area
  5. STEM and Maker resources
  6. Space for library programs and community events
  7. Space for working/studying with others
  8. Access to print/copy/scanning technology
  9. Technology learning space
  10. Used book sales   

Top 10 Issues that are Important to You:  

  1. Public safety in community
  2. Recreational places and activities
  3. Affordable entertainment/recreation
  4. Knowing neighbors, strong neighborhoods
  5. Continuing/lifelong learning
  6. Community events and celebrations
  7. Supporting formal education
  8. Activities for kids after-school
  9. Economic vitality in the community
  10. Preparing young children for school   

Top 10 Responses to Importance of the Library to the Community:

  1. Promotes continued learning
  2. Prepares children for school
  3. Connects community with info and resources
  4. Access to technology
  5. Builds language and literacy skills
  6. Provides affordable recreation/entertainment
  7. Supports formal education
  8. Community gathering place
  9. Helps prevent students’ learning loss over the summer
  10. Community cultural center  

We are pleased to report that we have already started to incorporate some of the spaces, programs, and services you recommended at several of our branch libraries.    

  • Fremont Main Library has a new children’s play area with developmental toys and furniture. Thanks to a generous donation from Kimbookai Children’s Museum.
  • Dublin Library has a new technology and learning space for makerspace activities, coding, digital storytimes, and gaming.   
  • Albany Library transformed an underutilized space into an area for children 0-5 and their caregivers. The new space is attracting kids and parents alike. Future plans for the space include removing the staff desk and adding furniture designed for toddlers.     
  • Many branch libraries offer STEM education through coding and other classes. Check our events calendar for upcoming STEM education classes.

We have also continued to add programming and services that reflect your top responses concerning the importance of the library to the community.  

  • Branch libraries offer programming that helps prepare children for school by providing activities that build language and literacy skills.
  • The Newark and San Lorenzo Libraries have partnered with local organizations to bring early literacy resources to families and connect communities with resources.  
  • Many of our branch libraries provide access to technology through a number of devices that you can borrow.     
  • Albany Library added a kiosk that allows patrons to borrow laptops for two hours. Alameda County Library plans to expand this program at the Centerville, Newark, and Dublin Libraries. The kiosks are also available at the Castro Valley, Fremont Main, San Lorenzo, and Union City Libraries.          
  • San Lorenzo Library now offers learning tablets for 3-10 year olds to help foster early and digital literacy.  
  • The Centerville and Newark Libraries now have Wi-Fi hotspots that provide high-speed Internet access for households that do not have Internet access at home.  
  • All branch libraries are participating in the Summer Reading 2017 program. Summer reading helps children and teens maintain and enhance reading skills over the summer and supports lifelong learning. Sign up today at

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