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Here are some great books for your child!



Please notice the titles are listed according to grade level, not by age. Each of the titles listed below are available from all of the Alameda County library branches.

You can either click on a grade level, or simply scroll down to peruse the entire list. Enjoy!

  Kindergarten   First Grade   Second Grade
  Third Grade   Fourth Grade   Fifth Grade
  Sixth Grade   Seventh Grade   Eighth Grade



  • Keep Your Mouth Closed, Dear, by Aliki
  • What the Mailman Brought, by Caroline Craven
  • First Dog, by Jan Brett
  • Hog-Eye, by Susan Meddaugh
  • Counting on Frank, by Rod Clement

First Grade:

  • Ghost's Hour, Spook's Hour, by Eve Bunting
  • Great White Man-Eating Shark, by Margaret Mahy
  • Paul Bunyan, by Steven Kellogg
  • Hooray for Snail, by John Stadler
  • Abiyoyo, by Pete Seeger

Second Grade:

  • Somebody Loves You Mr. Hatch, by Eileen Spinelli
  • Frog Medicine, by Mark Teague
  • Rum Pum Pum, by Maggie Duff
  • Perfect the Pig, by Susan Jeschke
  • Possum Come A-Knockin', by Nancy Van Laan

Third Grade:

  • Stories Julian Tells, by Ann Cameron
  • Alvin Webster's Surefire Plan for Success and How It Failed, by Sheila Greenwald
  • Mailing May by Michael O. Tunnell
  • Tingleberries, Tuckertubs, and Telephones, by Margaret Mahy
  • Magic Wings, by Diane Wolkstein

Fourth Grade:

  • Champion of Merrimack County, by Roger Drury
  • General Butterfingers, by John Gardiner
  • Brats! by X.J. Kennedy
  • Magic Hat of Mortimer Wintergreen, by Myron Levoy
  • Jolly Roger and the Pirates of Abdul the Skinhead, by Colin McNaughton

Fifth Grade:

  • Bad Times of Irma Baumlein, by Carol Brink
  • Bobby Baseball, by Robert Kimmel Smith
  • Harry Newberry & the Raiders of the Red Drink, by Mel Gilden
  • Gift of the Pirate Queen, by Patricia Reilly Giff
  • Trouble With Tuck, Theodore Taylor

Sixth Grade:

  • Eyes of the Amaryllis, by Natalie Babbit
  • Absolute Zero, by Helen Cresswell
  • My Side of the Mountain, by Jean George
  • Megan's Island, by Willo Davis Roberts
  • Weird Henry Berg, by Sarah Sargant

Seventh Grade:

  • Anna to the Infinite Power, by Mildred Ames
  • Ordinary Magic by Malcolm Bosse
  • Howl's Moving Castle, by Diane Wynne Jones
  • Fell, by M.E. Karr
  • Mary lincoln's Dressmaker, by Becky Rutberg

Eighth Grade:

  • Chicago Blues, by Julie Deaver
  • Born Into light, by Paul Jacobs
  • Rumor of Otters, by Deborah Savage
  • Land of Gold, by Gillian Bradshaw
  • Pigman & Me, by Paul Zindel