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How to Get a Free Email Account


Sending and receiving email is easy. Three easy steps will get you started.

Step One. Choose your email provider.

Here are some of the major email providers. No separate software is required for these services.

Step Two. Choose your log-in name and password.

Sometimes this is the hardest step to emailing. You will need to be flexible as someone else may already have You may have to use instead. You do not have to use your real name. Just remember to write down your user name and password and keep it in a safe place. Some email providers will give suggestions for user names.

Step Three. Start sending those emails!

Once you set up your email account, you can access it from any computer with Internet capability. You use the Internet to go to the email provider's site (i.e., then log in with a user name and password. The email provider stores your messages for you.


Free email services generally show you advertisements while you're accessing your mail; that's why they're free.

Beware of emails from spammers. Most email providers will allow you to set your security level. Your email provider will never ask you for personal information or identification, such as your Social Security number.

More questions? Go to Free Email Frequently Asked Questions