Beyond Books at the Library

When many of us think of libraries, books come to mind – shelves and shelves of books. Yet there is more, so much more available at Alameda County Library.

Movies in DVD and Blu-Ray

Movies (in DVD and Blu-Ray)



Seed Library at Fremont Main Library

Seed Library at Fremont Main Library

Free WiFi

Laptops & iPads at Castro Valley, Fremont Main, San Lorenzo, and Union City branches (For use in Library)

Doblet Chargers at Fremont Main Library (For use in Library)

Makerspace Kits at San Lorenzo Library (For use in Library)

Workspace and Study Areas

Printer/Copier Services (For use in Library)

Kill-A-Watt Electricity Usage Monitor (Contact your local branch for availability)

Digital learning resources for children. ABCmouse is a digital learning resource for children ages 2-8 (For use in Library).

Fremont Main Library Phone