Fremont Main Library Automates Check-in & Sorting of Library Materials

The Fremont Main Library installed an Automated Materials Handling (AMH) system to automate the check-in and sorting of library materials. This system speeds up the time it takes to get books and other library materials back on the shelves, and into the hands of patrons.

View this short video to learn more about the Automated Materials Handling (AMH) system.

How Does an Automated Materials Handling (AMH) System Work? 

When books, CDs, or DVDs are returned, they are automatically checked in and dropped onto an automated conveyor system. The conveyor system carries the materials to a sorting area where they are automatically sorted into destination bins.

From there, library staff gets the items back on the shelves with three easy steps.

  • Move the items from the bins to a cart
  • Reorder the items on the cart
  • Place the items back on shelves

What are the AMH Benefits for Patrons? 

The AMH provides so many benefits for patrons. With the new self-service automation at the Fremont Library, patrons will get:   

  • Instant confirmation of returned items via an email, text, or printed receipt
  • Faster access to library materials
  • Library account records updated more quickly

Does the AMH Eliminate Jobs at the Library? 

No, with this automation, library staff will have more time to interact with patrons and provide more direct customer service. Additionally, the AMH system reduces repetitive tasks that can lead to repetitive work-related injuries among library staff.

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