Wireless Printing


Wireless Printing


Wireless Printing2


The Alameda County Library is now offering a wireless printing service.  You can print to the most Alameda County Branches from your personal laptop, phone or tablet.

The PrinterOn mobile printing solution makes the Alameda County's public printers available to our patrons without having to connect to our network or install printer drivers. Submit documents or photos for printing from any Wi-Fi or Internet connected device (smartphone, tablet, laptop) no matter where you are. Come to the library within 45 minutes to release and pick up your document in the library at the Print Release Station. These options are described below.


Printing from Personal Computers and Laptops

When to use:  If you want to print a webpage or have a document on your computer that you can upload to print. 

  1. Select the branch you wish to have your print jobs sent to.
  2. Under “User Info,” enter your email address
  3. Under “Select Document” Select the file you wish to print.
         4. Click the Green Printer button at the bottom right. 
  1. Wait for the system to finish uploading your document and a release code will be generated.
  2. After the page indicates that your request has been successfully processed, you will be able to retrieve your print job from the branch you chose in step 1.  
  3. The email address you entered will be used to identify your print job(s). Print Jobs are charged at a rate of $0.13/page. 
  4. All print jobs not picked up within 45 minutes from the time of submission are automatically deleted.

Printing Cost

Black & white printing is 13¢ per page single sided. Payment must be made with an Alameda County Library copy/print cards. Purchase a copy/print card at any Alameda County Library location for a minimum of $1 or add value to an existing card. Use bills or Coins; change is not given; refunds are not given.

The Alameda County Public Library is not able to retrieve documents or trouble-shoot remote printing via PrinterOn, an independent vendor.

Print from a Supported Mobile Device "App"

Please use the linked documentation to print from the following supported devices:

Supported File Types

  • Microsoft Office Word 95-2013
  • Microsoft Office Excel 95-2013
  • Microsoft Office PowerPoint 95-2013
  • Microsoft Office Visio 95-2013
  • Apache OpenOffice Writer 2-3.x
  • Apache OpenOffice Calc 2-3.x
  • Apache OpenOffice Impress 2-3.x
  • Apache OpenOffice Draw 2-3.x
  • Text and Image Formats: PDF, PNG, BMP, JPEG, GIF, TIFF, RTF, ASCII Text, Unicode Text, HTML

Need more help?

PrinterOn has provided some demonstration videos to help become more accustomed to their service.  Click Here

Prints are 8.5x11" single sided B&W at $0.13 per page.

Color printing is not available.

Printing is only available during standard library hours.

Images will print actual size, or fill the page if larger than the paper.

Prints jobs not picked up will be removed after 45 minutes.

Printable guides:

Fremont Main Library Phone